Emptiness and Infinite Space 1

Friday the 14th of April (15.00 – 17.00 h), Filosofie Oost-West is organising the first edition of the symposium Emptiness and the Infinite Space.

Since Plato, the concept of emptiness has been ignored in western philosophy, while in eastern traditions it is a fundamental concept. It also plays an important role in contemporary arts. How could a dialogue between art and philosophy give us better understanding of the terms?

Dr. Jan Bor will give an introduction to the subject in art and philosophy. Visual artist Wjm Kok will make the connection between the texts in Art as Art by Ad Reinhardt and the notions of emptiness and time. Falke Pisano shows her work Wonder Lands in Loxbridge (from: The Value in Mathematics-series) and Anastasija Pandilovska will present her work A verb folds to confess an action, in which she researched the presence and absence of space.